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Micro Mobility Paddle Boards

Stingray taps into the growing demand for outdoor recreation, micro-mobility solutions, and environmental conservation. As a pioneer in paddleboard technology, we are poised to capture a significant share of the paddleboard market by providing unmatched convenience, affordability, and accessibility to our customers.

Traditional paddleboard acquisition and rental methods are prohibitively expensive and inconvenient. Paddle boards are costly to purchase, renting multiple boards is expensive, transporting boards is challenging, and traditional rental shops are often inaccessible or have limited operating hours.

This means there is a significant opportunity to revolutionize the paddle board economy by offering affordable, convenient, and accessible rental options. By addressing the financial barriers, transportation challenges, and limited availability of traditional rental shops, we can make paddleboarding more accessible to a broader audience.

Stingray offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges through innovative GPS-equipped paddleboard rentals. Our rental model leverages unmanned, automated rental stations strategically placed in high-demand locations. Users can easily access and return paddleboards using our intuitive mobile app, eliminating the need for storage, transportation, or traditional rental shops. With a simple pricing structure of a few cents per minute, we ensure equal and affordable access to paddle boarding for everyone.



Stingray's innovative app streamlines the paddleboard rental process, offering users real-time availability, easy unlock functionality, and convenient billing history tracking.


GPS Paddleboard

Our patent pending GPS-enabled paddleboards revolutionize the industry by providing precise tracking and enabling innovative rental models based on usage duration.


Paddleboard Locker

The patent pending paddleshare locker ensures secure storage and convenient pickup and drop-off points for users, optimizing operational efficiency and security.

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